All the consequences of early loss of milk teeth in children

Preservation of milk teeth is of great importance, and early milk teeth decay should be prevented. Otherwise, it will cause future problems for the children. So, the function of milk teeth is always of great importance for us. Early loss of milk teeth leads to various problems such as orthodontic and maxillary problems, gum problems, and inability to chew in growing children. In the case of milk teeth decay, they should be treated and for deeper decay, pulp therapy is done in which, the living tissue of the crown is removed, and the root tissue remains.


In this condition and in the case of expansion of infection, the root tissue should also be removed. It is referred to as pulpectomy or root canal treatment in which the milk tooth is repaired and restored. In the case of necessity, stainless steel crowns (S.S.C.) can also be used in this condition. Unfortunately, treating children is always difficult, because they usually do not co-operate well with the dentist. Furthermore, small oral cavity, small teeth, etc. cause some problems in the process of dental repair. 


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