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How do the orthodontic brackets and braces act?

The orthodontist makes the brackets stick to your teeth using composite resins and make it firm using light cure. The metal wire that is placed inside the brackets puts some pressure on your teeth to lead them to a proper direction. They are adjusted continuously for 4 to 6 weeks for 12 months to 24 months. After the removal of the brackets from your teeth, you are provided a retainer to make the teeth fixed in their positions. 

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Can I have an orthodontic treatment?

The orthodontic treatment entails a healthy mouth and adequate hygiene of the teeth and gum.

Orthodontic treatments 

Orthodontics is a part of dentistry that deals with the abnormal positions of the teeth (malocclusion) and especially with the irregular teeth. The goal of this treatment is to create a beautiful smile and restore the proper function of the teeth. If these modifications are not done on time, the problems affect the beauty of the face and create some breathing, chewing and pronouncing disorders. The Orthodontic treatments in some cases, especially in cases where there is a skeletal fault that cannot be cured by orthodontic braces, requires orthognathic surgery. There have been many advances in orthodontics over recent past years. The current orthodontic solutions are on the rise. Today, the orthodontic treatments are possible at any age, that is, in younger age between 5-9 years old, for ages between 9-16 and in the adulthood without any age limit. 

A)    Fixed orthodontics

The Fixed orthodontics is used for the permanent teeth. Considering the treatment needs, the dentists may use the metal orthodontic brackets or the brackets that are made of ceramics and are beautiful. This type of treatment makes use of the mechanical forces (orthodontic wires, rings, elastics) to restore the teeth to the correct position. In some cases, there may be a need for pulling out the tooth to provide enough space for other teeth. 


B) Invisible Orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics is a newer method in relation to the traditional orthodontics. The classical brackets, the invisible and clear orthodontics are not used. Instead, the narrow and clear masks that are not usually visible and are mobile that are replaced every two weeks. 

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C) Orthodontics at a young age 

This treatment starts at a young age when the best result can be obtained. This type of treatment should be diagnosed at a young age. Usually this course of action does not involve pulling a tooth and usually the fixed braces are used in this treatment. Of course, it is possible that the treatment be applied using the mobile braces over a short period of time. 

Keeping the orthodontic braces and brackets

The best method to keep these braces is not to eat any type of hard, sticky food. Also another important point is not to eat some fruits in large pieces such as apple, corn and carrot. Make sure that you’re brushing your teeth well and using special dental floss for orthodontics when using the orthodontics tools. 

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Invisalign treatments 


Invisalign includes the orthodontic treatments that have undergone some changes in relation to the previous orthodontic treatments. In this treatment, the invisible plastics are used instead of orthodontic and brackets that are made specially for each individual patient leading to the regular teeth. About 96% of the patients who have irregular teeth and jaw problems are willing to be treated by these invisible plastics. 

How do the Invisalign’s act? 

The orthodontist tests some of the soft and convenient plastics in your mouth that completely cover inside your mouth. The aligners of the teeth are changed almost every two weeks to complete the treatment. One of the many advantages of this treatment is that you always smile without worrying about the orthodontic brackets you wear. 

Can I be treated by Invisalign treatments?

This treatment method has been successful in many patients and it is appropriate for adults and teenagers that look for an easy way to modify their smiles. The more specific treatments like the treatment for the teeth between which there is a gap or space (diastema), very irregular teeth (crowded), crossbites, underbites, overbites are all treated by Invisalign.  

Instructions to use Invisalign:

It is recommended that patients should use this instrument about 20-22 hours a day. Since, the mobilizers of the teeth are mobile, you can brush your teeth and use dental floss normally. Also, you can remove them from your mouth when eating food. You can wash the aligners by warm water or use special kits.   

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