The relationship of diabetes and obesity with oral and dental diseases

The first national congress on dentistry and medicine was held in April 2016 in Yazd province with the attendance of general practitioners and dental specialists of the country.

Ahmad Haeriyan, the scientific secretary of this congress, announced the first congress on medicine and dentistry to be held from April 21th, 2019 for three days in conference hall of Shahid Sadooghi Hospital in Yazd. He also declared that 100 papers had been received out of which, 32 papers will be selected and presented as the top papers.


He declared the conference subjects to be about craniofacial pains, fundamental sciences, clinical dentistry, cellular and molecular sciences in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial evolutionary disorders, oral and maxillofacial cysts and tumors, systemic diseases, hospital dentistry, and primary diagnosis of systemic disease based on oral findings.

In the following, Haeriyan declared the expression “Mouth, a Mirror of Health” as the motto of the first national congress on medicine and dentistry, and he stated that caring for oral and dental health means full observation of personal hygiene.


Mentioning the necessity of special attention to oral diseases and general diseases, he suggested the role of high blood pressure and obesity in gum diseases and diabetes as one of the common oral and general diseases.

The secretary of the first national congress on dentistry and medicine pointed to the 60% obesity and overweight in the population of Yazd province, and he stated that according to the results obtained from the latest medical studies, diabetes and obesity are directly related to oral and dental diseases.


The board member and the professor of Yazd Dentistry Faculty stated that the situation of diagnosis and awareness of general diseases in Yazd province is not favorable; he also mentioned that one of the goals of holding the first national congress on dentistry and medicine in Yazd province is attracting more attention of general practitioners and oral and dental specialist to common oral and general diseases.


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