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Dr. Mohammad Taghi Ebadian Health and beauty dental clinic with more than 15 years experience providing services to patients with respect to professionals and experienced staff on all days of the week, excluding weekends. We strive to provide and implement the right treatment in this complex. However, it is unbearable to pay attention to the latest scientific advances and to employ modern and advanced tools to achieve this; the most important factor in this way is a proper attitude towards appropriate treatment and therapeutic culture. Constant communication of physician or the medical team with the patient is one of the important ways to prevent many abnormalities and taking care of the treatments. This is possible by performing periodic checkups.

It should be accepted that the period when physician would do all the treatments individually, is over.

Collaboration of physicians with different specialties in this clinic allows every physician to work in their area of expertise and assist other physicians with their expert advice. It is easier for physicians to communicate with each other because of the close relationship between them.
There is no doubt that using the experiences of the scientific and treatment centers both within and outside the country will be helpful in achieving the above goals. Also, the constructive guidance and criticism of the caring and thoughtful patients encourage the personnel of this clinic to a greater extent. We consider the main achievement to be the attempt to deserving of your trust while wishing success and health for all patients.

It is unacceptable to get treatment and leave the patient alone

Talking to the patient and describing the condition of the disease and the treatments options are the patient's natural rights. This will help the patient to have a correct picture of the future of treatment and to expect a reasonable outcome. Most importantly, given the patient's awareness of the current situation, he or she can be an effective aid in choosing a treatment plan.

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