Dental Implants

The dental implants are one of the restorative items that are made of titanium and it is planted in the jaw in place of the lost tooth root. The implants can be a base for the crown, bridges and dentures. Also, the implants can be used as anchorage in orthodontics in orthodontics practice. 

How do the dental implants act? 

The periodontist you see determines the point and method through which the implant should be done according to the implant you choose. The treatment plan is programmed according to the conditions of your mouth. The doctors working in our treatment center assure you that they provide you with the best dental implants.

Am I able to have a dental implant?

The person intending to have a dental implant must have a good general health and their jaws must not suffer from any type of disease. Since the implants are placed inside the jawbone, the person intending to have a dental implant must have adequate and proper bone tissue. 

Keeping the dental implants 

The implants need to be taken care of and the hygienic practices for the teeth like brushing, using dental floss, and seeing dental hygienist should also be done for the dental implants. 


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