Tooth Restoration

Bridge and Crown

Crown is a kind of restoration which covers tooth or adjoin to the dental implant. Crown usually adjoins to the teeth by dental cement or maybe adjoins to the implant by the dental cement or screw. Crowns keep functionality and appearance of rotten, broken, cracked, and even root canaled teeth.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth by placing two teeth on both sides of bridge as the tooth cover and instead of a missing teeth or an absent pontic teeth.

How do crowns and bridges act?

Teeth structure in the sides of rotten and dead teeth is shaved all around to create enough space for ceramic porcelain. After shaving, impressions of the teeth are made. Next, impressions which serve as a model will be given to the dental Lab to make crown. The temporary bridge is made from Acrylic to protect your teeth. Final crown is made in a way that has natural form of tooth and you don’t feel any difference in your mouth. After that the crown is adjoined to your teeth by cement in a way that its appearance dos not differ from removed tooth and looks natural.

Am I candidate for crown and bridge?

Crowns are an excellent choice for who which their teeth are extremely damaged and need teeth restoration, resizing, reforming, and reshaping and on the other hand need good health observance.

Taking care of crown and bridge

You can treat with crowns same as natural teeth. Like natural teeth, crowns can be rotten from beneath the tooth which is the main teeth, so regular brushing of your teeth is very important. Floss between your teeth and preferably use toothpaste with fluoride. Since crowns are made of Ceramics, can be breakable and so avoid chewing ice cubes and your nails. Use of night guard can helps your teeth avoid cracking and breaking, especially if you are used to grinding and jaw clenching.

Conservative treatments

Conservative treatments are a part of operative dentistry treatment which relates to prevention and treatment of dental injuries, both hereditary and acquired diseases. Most recently, operative techniques which use combination of gold and silver metals are not done and instead, dental restoration is done by nontoxic materials (ceramic and composite resins).


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